[darwinbuild-dev] Corrupt 8G1165 Binary Roots?

Daiyu Hurst daiyu.hurst at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 12:57:15 PST 2012

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> Where's the obvious place?
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Really, I've no idea. I'm just trying to build a useable Darwin system with
what Apple's made publicly available. Binary roots are fine; but this is in
contrast to the objectives of the PureDarwin project that replaced the Open
Darwin project; PureDarwin aims at very least to deliver a system built with
all source code. Where they don't have Apple source, they're writing their

Everyone's building castles, while I'm just trying to dig ditches and lay
some sewer lines.

Anyway, they changed the binary header format at about MacOSX 10.4.5/Darwin
so the late Tiger-era toolchains, even though they produce code for both the
and x86 architectures, don't produce binaries that will run on say, Darwin
or Mac OSX 10.4.2. I've been hanging out with the PureDarwin crowd, and one
them revealed this. But I'd seen a post by former OpenDarwin member Robert
making this comment about Apple Developer Technical Services; they don't
have the
kind of open repository of developer documentation online like they used to.
have to reqest it, and how can you do thsat if you don't know what you're

Apple seems to be moving away from OpenSource as quickly as they can, to
become JAM (Just Another Micro$oft).

If I had *any* money, I would not even be trying this. But I have a junk PC
trying to get some use out of (socket 478 3GHz Intel Celeron, no 64-bit, no
and I've grown weary of Linux. The Darwin/x86 8.0.1 ISO installed and runs
well, but I'd really like to have more up-to-date tools on it.

Even still, I must curtsey in appreciation to the Apple employees who
to do what they can to get the remaining OpenSource bits out to the


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