[launchd-dev] Sincere thanks about wake from sleep

Dave Zarzycki zarzycki at apple.com
Wed Dec 5 09:24:13 PST 2007

On Dec 4, 2007, at 7:49 PM, Jeremy Reichman wrote:

> I have tested launchd jobs that were scheduled to run during sleep
> subsequently execute when a system is woken up. I'm happy that  
> missed jobs
> do now run -- and they run immediately upon wake in Leopard.
> In Tiger, if the jobs ran, it was hours later. They were greatly  
> offset from
> the time of system wake. This made the use of scheduled overnight  
> jobs less
> useful from a systems administration perspective, and Leopard  
> definitely
> improves upon that experience.

You're welcome. Thanks for noticing. :-)


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