[launchd-dev] UserName ignored on per-user LaunchAgents

Nathan Duran launchd at khiltd.com
Wed Dec 5 10:11:41 PST 2007

On Dec 5, 2007, at 9:46 AM, Kevin Van Vechten wrote:

> The term "external form" is just taken from the relevant  
> Authorization API -- AuthorizationMakeExternalForm(...).

Ah, now I remember. That's one of those APIs whose very nature  
encourages code recycling and I know haven't actually looked at its  
documentation since the last time it was updated.

So if you still have to present the user with an authentication dialog  
then, from *their* point of view, is there any difference between the  
two methodologies (helper tool vs. daemons-on-demand)?

On Dec 5, 2007, at 9:51 AM, Quinn wrote:

> For a concrete illustration of this, check out the recently released  
> BetterAuthorizationSample.
> <http://developer.apple.com/samplecode/BetterAuthorizationSample/index.html 
> >

Excellent. If I recall correctly, the fact that the previous  
incarnation of sample code (MoreAuth?) either didn't work or wouldn't  
compile factored heavily in my reluctance to revisit the API ;) I'll  
definitely take a look at the new stuff.

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