[launchd-dev] Thanks for the WatchPath behavior change

Jeremy Reichman jaharmi at jaharmi.com
Wed Dec 5 10:50:54 PST 2007

I've also noticed, in the theme of being thankful for changes in Leopard,
that the behavior for the WatchPath key is different. I believe that change
is for the better.

In Leopard, both creating and deleting the watched path results in any job
waiting for its modification to fire. This is great -- in Tiger, my
experience was that the path always had to exist and that made WatchPath
more limited and less useful.

One question though: since removing the path also runs the job, is there a
way to avoid that specific behavior? To only have the job run if the path is
created or is modified in place (without deletion)? I know that that case is
probably one where the QueueDirectory key should be used instead, but I
figured I'd ask.

Again, thanks!


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