[launchd-dev] Run job when network configuration changes

Louis Granboulan Louis.Granboulan at free.fr
Wed Dec 5 22:19:52 PST 2007

Le 26 nov. 07 à 10:47, Quinn a écrit :
> At 23:29 +0100 22/11/07, Louis Granboulan wrote:
>> I would like to support Jeremy Reichman's request, because I  
>> apparently have similar needs.
> Cool.  Please file a bug describing what you want to achieve:
> <http://developer.apple.com/bugreporter/>
> It may not be easy (or possible) to do what you want (because of  
> layering constraints within the system) but, once we have an  
> official bug report, we'll have a reason to investigate this properly.
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> developer/>
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Here is the answer I received:

> In practice, the number of event sources a "StartOnNetwork" feature  
> would entail is so large that we recommend developers to write a  
> program and use the System Configuration framework to directly  
> monitor the multitude of network status changes.
> We consider this issue closed.  Thank you for taking the time to  
> notify us of this issue.

Therefore, I might need some help to write that program which  
monitors the network status changes...


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