[launchd-dev] Configurion a Cocoa app as a user agent

James Bucanek subscriber at gloaming.com
Mon Dec 10 08:02:56 PST 2007

Quinn <mailto:eskimo1 at apple.com> wrote (Monday, December 10, 
2007 2:18 AM -0000):

>At 9:38 -0700 9/12/07, James Bucanek wrote:
>>What should the executable path be? If I set it to the bundle 
>>folder, is launchd smart enough to figure out that its an 
>>application? Or do I need to set it to .../MyApp.app/Contents/MacOS/MyApp?
>It has to point to the executable on disk; the bundle will not work.

That's kind of what I thought.

>>I ask because I've been warned by the Cocoa engineers to avoid 
>>starting applications that way.
>Really?  Any explanation as to why?

This was back in 10.3, but it went something along the lines of 
"the bundle structure of applications might change in the 
future; the recommended method is to use Launch Services ..."

James Bucanek

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