[launchd-dev] Daemon & Network Availability?

Karl Moskowski kolpanic at voodooergonomics.com
Tue Nov 11 06:19:48 PST 2008

On 11-Nov-08, at 4:28 AM, Quinn wrote:

> All of the "check in with launchd" stuff is only necessary when  
> you're vending a service and you want to launch on demand.  If  
> you're connecting to a service, you shouldn't need it.

I wasn't aware of that. I'd read things about how a daemon has to  
promise to checkin with launchd, etc., so I thought it was an across- 
the-board requirement.

> Q1: Are you planning to launch on demand, or do you want to launch  
> at startup and keep running?
> A launchd daemon that's set to launch at startup will launch well  
> before the network comes up.  Keep in mind that the network may / 
> never/ come up, or may come up and go down (repeatedly even), so  
> it's not a case of simply waiting for the network to come up, you  
> have to track the network state.
> Q2: Do you want to be running even if there's no possibility of  
> connecting to your network service?

I had hoped that KeepAlive={NetworkState=true} would automatically  
start & stop the daemon with the network being connected &  
disconnected. Since that seems to be incorrect, I guess I have to make  
it launch at startup and keep running. I can programmatically check if  
the network is available (using SystemConfiguration notifications, I  
think, unless there's a better way), and start/stop activity  

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