[launchd-dev] Launchd API

Quinn eskimo1 at apple.com
Mon Feb 2 01:32:29 PST 2009

At 22:03 +0100 28/1/09, Xavier Guérin wrote:
>Reading launchctl.c I've already been able to do 
>some of the polling code of the agent (even 
>though some data structure are still a complete 
>mystery as I speak), but the load/unload part 
>seems really intricate, and I'm afraid to be 
>obliged to use execve + launchctl to make it 

Right now the <launch.h> API is only rated for 
daemons checking in with launchd (ala SampleD). 
It is not really designed for job management. 
Rather, we recommend that folks do their job 
management by fork/exec of launchctl.

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