[launchd-dev] inetdCompatibility

Dreamcat4 dreamcat4 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 06:59:02 PDT 2010


There is this patch on the Apple Support forums. Are exporting those
environment variables the right way to pass the remote ip information
to the spawned process?


(unrelated to the above patch)
Im having trouble with getting the inetdCompatibility feature to work.

The popular example

Which was followed for nginx pretty much verbatem:


Regardless, Launchd isn't starting nginx when a connection is made to
http://localhost:8080. The 'http-alt' service is specified in
"/etc/services" to point to 8080. So as far as I can see, this should
be no different to Launchd than for triggering a start of sshd.

The behaviour is confounding as Apple sshd will work just fine.
Flicking inetdCompatibility to Wait => true has no effect either.

dreamcat4 at gmail.com

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