[launchd-dev] Code sign verification in Leopard

Arun arun.ka at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 13:27:44 PDT 2010

Hi All,

I am using Mac OS X 10.5.8 and xcode v3.1.
I have created a Self Code signing identity using Keychain Access
application. The name of the Code signing identity is "arun".

Using this identity i have signed a binary using the below command.

codesign -s arun -r="designated => anchor trusted" -f arun

To verify the code sign i am using the following command which throws the
error as highlighted below.

codesign -v -R="anchor trusted" arun
arun: does not satisfy its designated Requirement
*test-requirement: failed to satisfy code requirement(s)*
arun:~ arun$

Can anyone help me in identifying what i am passing wrong in verifying the

Arun KA
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