[libdispatch-dev] libdispatch's timer implementation

Mario Schwalbe schwalbe at inf.tu-dresden.de
Wed Dec 30 07:42:05 PST 2009


On 26.12.2009 01:37, Mark Heily wrote:
> Thanks a lot for contributing this tracing code and the test program. I
> used it to find a bug in the EV_RECEIPT implementation in libkqueue.
> I've committed the fix as r127.
> After fixing this bug, your test program runs successfully.

Thanks a lot for this belated christmas present.

> As an additional bonus, all of the libdispatch unit tests appear to work
> under Linux now. See below for the output, which includes some "[FAIL]"
> notices but the summary indicates that everything was successful.

Nevertheless that means they failed (the summary is wrong). Those that failed
are the priority test due to reasons Robert Watson explained earlier and
dispatch_read, that is only available if building with blocks support.


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