[libdispatch-dev] [PATCH] use libkqueue if sys/event.h is missing

Paolo Bonzini bonzini at gnu.org
Sun Nov 1 04:27:48 PST 2009

>> Here is a patch that enables libdispatch to use libkqueue on platforms
>> that do not support kqueue(2). I have made pretty good progress with
>> libkqueue and the current sources are here:
> Hi Mark--
> I've added AC_SEARCH_LIB() line for -lkqueue based on looking for the
> function kqueue(). Howeve,r I haven't yet added configure.ac bits to try
> to find event.h in its alternative location. Given that package
> installation conventions vary by OS/distribution (/opt, /usr/local,
> /usr, ...), would it might make more sense to simply add a
> "--with-kqueue-includ-path" argument to configure? This would avoid
> requiring systems that put package-specific headers elsewhere having to
> patch configure.ac further.

I'd say, ask Mark to add a .pc file for libkqueue and use PKG_CHECK_MODULES.

> Are you able to get basic test programs running with libdispatch and
> libkqueue on Linux now?

You need my sem_t patch for that.


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