[libdispatch-dev] libdispatch compiles under Linux but arc4random(3) is missing

Mario Schwalbe schwalbe at inf.tu-dresden.de
Mon Nov 16 04:47:31 PST 2009


Mark Heily schrieb:
> Good news: libdispatch now compiles successfully under Linux using
> libkqueue r96 or higher.

Great. I also like to use libdispatch on linux.

> The test programs in the testing/ directory fail to link because
> arc4random(3) is not available on Linux. I found a compatibility
> function written for BIND that might work; the URI is:
> See below for the actual code. Any objections to adding something like
> this to libdispatch?

Why does libdispatch has to use arc4random at all? Since, this is not a
security-sensitive application but some testing code, why don't we use
rand/random, that should be available on all systems?


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