[libdispatch-dev] libdispatch port to FreeBSD (was: [libdispatch-changes] [27] trunk/src)

Stacey Son sson at FreeBSD.org
Mon Sep 14 15:20:22 PDT 2009

On Sep 14, 2009, at 3:05 PM, Robert Watson wrote:

> Some notes for FreeBSD hackers:
> - Several kqueue extensions (EVFILT_USER, NOTE_TRIGGER, EV_RECEIPT,  
> and
>  EV_DISPATCH) are required in the FreeBSD kernel, and hopefully will  
> go into
>  the FreeBSD tree in the next couple of days.

Hi Robert:

Thanks for creating the initial port.

I have some patches for the FreeBSD kevent code to add "touch" filter  
hooks, EVFILT_USER, NOTE_TRIGGER, and EV_DISPATCH that I'll send your  
way to review.   I have looked at EV_RECEIPT briefly and I am not sure  
how useful or necessary it is for this port.   Maybe someone could  
comment on that.

Thanks in advance,


sson at FreeBSD.org

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