[libdispatch-dev] dispatch source for multi-client sockets

Jean-Daniel Dupas devlists at shadowlab.org
Tue Sep 22 03:49:24 PDT 2009

Le 22 sept. 2009 à 12:15, Mikkel Fahnøe Jørgensen a écrit :

> How does one create a dispatch source that responds to multiple
> connections on the same socket, that is, listening on a socket with a
> backlog larger than 1?
> In the online doc it seems that you should have a connected socket to
> read from, the same way as reading from a file. But documentation also
> says you need a socket returned from listen().
> So where does the accept() call fit into this? Specifically it would
> be nice to avoid blocking on accept() before creating a read source.

You mean, like a Web server ?



-- Jean-Daniel

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