[libdispatch-dev] Results from running libdispatch tests on Solaris using libkqueue and libdispatch with patches

Robert Watson robert at fledge.watson.org
Fri Jul 30 02:19:31 PDT 2010

On Tue, 27 Jul 2010, Joakim Johansson wrote:

> dispatch_priority seems to fail spuriously sometimes (even though it passed 
> in the example below) and the starfish latency boundary test sometimes fails 
> - this is on a Xeon 5500 box with 8 cores (of which 4 is HT).

The priority regression tests fail because libdispatch doesn't know how to 
propagate queue priority to thread priority when using the thread pool model 
rather than pthread work queues.  So this is a bug in GCD that doesn't 
manifest on Mac OS X as it uses a different kernel feature footprint.  It 
would be nice to (a) fix this problem in GCD and (b) get pthread workqueue 
compatibility on various operating systems.

Stacey seems to have gone quiet lately, but I'm CCing him anyway. :-)


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