[libdispatch-dev] When do the NDAs expire?

DrPizza DrPizza at quiscalusmexicanus.org
Thu Jun 23 22:14:37 PDT 2011

> >> I'm working on bringing the new changes into the macosforge repo, the
> >> source bases have diverged quite a bit unfortunately... more details
> >> soon
> > How does the macosforge codebase compare with that on opensource.apple.com;
> is it older, newer, or just plain different?
> the initial import into the macosforge repo on Aug 30 2009 corresponds to the
> libdispatch-84.5 source drop for 10.6.0 on opensource.apple.com, after that
> point, they may diverge though many changes have been synchronized (in both
> directions).

Oh, how vexing.

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