[libdispatch-dev] lib dispatch worker threads may loop depending on compiler optimization

Joakim Johansson jocke at tbricks.com
Sat Sep 17 09:43:26 PDT 2011

It is not ignored, ‘people' intend to do it when they are back in the office…

Btw, did you try compiling libdispatch? (that is the test case we’ve got… IIRC the function is in queue.c)


On 17 sep 2011, at 08:35, Paolo Bonzini wrote:

> Regarding "debugged", it would be a nice start if people listening on
> this mailing list would help out as requested.  Please attach to the
> ticket a preprocessed testcase (a *.i file obtained from gcc with the
> --save-temps option) and the output of adding -### to the gcc
> invocation.  Bugs aren't fixed magically, I tried making a simple
> testcase and failed.
> Paolo
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