[libdispatch-dev] OpenGCD

Mark Heily mark at heily.com
Tue Nov 6 16:12:17 PST 2012

I have created a new project called OpenGCD that is designed to make it
easier for people to use libdispatch on non-Apple platforms. It is
essentially a combination of libdispatch and the other necessary libraries
(libkqueue, libpthread_workqueue, and libBlocksRuntime). Here is the link:


Right now, it builds on Linux and Android. I have uploaded binaries for
Android on ARM processors, and intend to release binaries for other
platforms soon. These will provide a single libdispatch.so (or
dispatch.dll) that is statically linked with the other libraries. This one
library will provide all the bits necessary to compile programs that use

Hopefully, this project will serve as an incubator for patches that will
eventually wind up in the official libdispatch repository. If you are
interested in following this project, please subscribe to the mailing


 - Mark
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