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Mon Sep 28 01:02:00 PDT 2009

Revision: 2663
Author:   mattaimonetti at gmail.com
Date:     2009-09-28 01:01:56 -0700 (Mon, 28 Sep 2009)
Log Message:
more work on the specs and now rake spec:ci shouldn't have any failing specs.

Modified Paths:

Removed Paths:

Deleted: MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/data/data_tags.txt
--- MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/data/data_tags.txt	2009-09-28 04:24:43 UTC (rev 2662)
+++ MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/data/data_tags.txt	2009-09-28 08:01:56 UTC (rev 2663)
@@ -1 +0,0 @@
-fails:DATA presents $0 file data after __END__ as a File object

Modified: MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/foreach_tags.txt
--- MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/foreach_tags.txt	2009-09-28 04:24:43 UTC (rev 2662)
+++ MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/foreach_tags.txt	2009-09-28 08:01:56 UTC (rev 2663)
@@ -3,7 +3,5 @@
 fails:IO::foreach yields a sequence of paragraphs when the separator is an empty string
 fails:IO::foreach updates $. with each yield
 fails:IO::foreach can handle non-ASCII data as separator
-fails:IO::foreach converts second parameter to string and uses as separator
 fails:IO::foreach converts second parameter to string and uses as separator, with each to_str calling for each lines of the IOs
-fails:IO::foreach converts first parameter to string and uses as file name
 fails:IO::foreach calls #to_path on non-String arguments

Modified: MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/open_tags.txt
--- MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/open_tags.txt	2009-09-28 04:24:43 UTC (rev 2662)
+++ MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/open_tags.txt	2009-09-28 08:01:56 UTC (rev 2663)
@@ -1,7 +1,4 @@
-fails:IO.open associates new IO with the old descriptor so each IO directly affects the other
 fails:IO.open raises EINVAL if mode is not compatible with the descriptor's current mode
 fails:IO.open cannot open an IO with incompatible flags
 fails:IO.open with a block invokes close on opened IO object when exiting the block
 fails:IO.open with a block propagates non-StandardErrors produced by close
-fails:IO.open takes an Integer or #to_int argument as the descriptor to open
-fails:IO.open does not close the stream automatically if given a block

Deleted: MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/output_tags.txt
--- MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/output_tags.txt	2009-09-28 04:24:43 UTC (rev 2662)
+++ MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/output_tags.txt	2009-09-28 08:01:56 UTC (rev 2663)
@@ -1,2 +0,0 @@
-critical:IO#<< writes an object to the IO stream
-critical:IO#<< calls #to_s on the object to print it

Modified: MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/print_tags.txt
--- MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/print_tags.txt	2009-09-28 04:24:43 UTC (rev 2662)
+++ MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/print_tags.txt	2009-09-28 08:01:56 UTC (rev 2663)
@@ -1 +1 @@
-critical:IO#print writes $_.to_s followed by $\ (if any) to the stream if no arguments given
+fails:IO#print writes $_.to_s followed by $\ (if any) to the stream if no arguments given

Modified: MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/read_tags.txt
--- MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/read_tags.txt	2009-09-28 04:24:43 UTC (rev 2662)
+++ MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/io/read_tags.txt	2009-09-28 08:01:56 UTC (rev 2663)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-critical:IO#read strips the BOM when given 'rb:utf-7-bom' as the mode
+fails:IO.read calls #to_path on non-String arguments
 fails:IO#read can read lots of data
 fails:IO#read can read lots of data with length
 fails:IO#read places the specified number of bytes in the buffer
@@ -7,4 +7,4 @@
 fails:IO#read truncates the buffer when too big
 fails:IO#read returns the given buffer
 fails:IO#read coerces the second argument to string and uses it as a buffer
-fails:IO.read calls #to_path on non-String arguments
+fails:IO#read strips the BOM when given 'rb:utf-7-bom' as the mode

Modified: MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/kernel/__callee__tags.txt
--- MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/kernel/__callee__tags.txt	2009-09-28 04:24:43 UTC (rev 2662)
+++ MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/kernel/__callee__tags.txt	2009-09-28 08:01:56 UTC (rev 2663)
@@ -5,5 +5,4 @@
 fails:Kernel.__callee__ returns the caller from block inside define_method too
 fails:Kernel.__callee__ returns the caller from a define_method called from the same class
 fails:Kernel.__callee__ returns method name even from eval
-fails:Kernel.__callee__ returns the original name when aliased method
-fails:Kernel.__callee__ returns the caller from blocks too
+#fails:Kernel.__callee__ returns the original name when aliased method
\ No newline at end of file

Modified: MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/kernel/block_given_tags.txt
--- MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/kernel/block_given_tags.txt	2009-09-28 04:24:43 UTC (rev 2662)
+++ MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/kernel/block_given_tags.txt	2009-09-28 08:01:56 UTC (rev 2663)
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
 fails:Kernel#block_given? returns false when a method defined by define_method is called with a block
 fails:Kernel.block_given? returns false when a method defined by define_method is called with a block
 fails:self.send(:block_given?) returns false when a method defined by define_method is called with a block
+fails:self.send(:block_given?) returns true if and only if a block is supplied
\ No newline at end of file

Modified: MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/kernel/eval_tags.txt
--- MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/kernel/eval_tags.txt	2009-09-28 04:24:43 UTC (rev 2662)
+++ MacRuby/trunk/spec/frozen/tags/macruby/core/kernel/eval_tags.txt	2009-09-28 08:01:56 UTC (rev 2663)
@@ -4,3 +4,4 @@
 fails:Kernel#eval accepts a Proc object as a binding
 fails:Kernel#eval uses the filename of the binding if none is provided
 fails:Kernel#eval can be aliased
+fails:Kernel#eval includes file and line information in syntax error
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