[MacRuby-devel] MR methods vs MRI methods?

Laurent Sansonetti lsansonetti at apple.com
Tue Oct 14 13:59:26 PDT 2008

On Oct 14, 2008, at 11:20 AM, Richard Kilmer wrote:
> On Oct 14, 2008, at 12:53 PM, Rich Morin wrote:
>> Reading the MR intro, I get the impression that MR inherits all
>> of the methods that apply to the relevant Cocoa objects.  Does
>> this imply that the normal MRI methods aren't supported?  If
>> not, are there any naming conflicts to be concerned about?
> I believe that the goal is for MacRuby String methods, FixNum methods,
> Hash methods, etc all to perform as they do under MRI 1.9.
> Tests would confirm this, of course.

Rich is right, it is the objective to support all the MRI methods. We  
are for example able to run most of test_string.rb, test_array.rb and  
test_hash.rb (the current test failures are not really important).

So far except for a couple of exceptions (that are taken into account)  
there weren't any naming conflicts.

$ macirb
 >> s = 'foo'
=> "foo"
 >> s.class.ancestors
=> [NSMutableString, NSString, Comparable, NSObject, Kernel]
 >> s.class == String
=> true
 >> s.capitalize
=> "Foo"
 >> s.capitalizedString
=> "Foo"


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