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Fri Oct 24 01:22:37 PDT 2008

#138: macgem not working for me
 Reporter:  nick at cladby.com  |        Owner:  lsansonetti at apple.com
     Type:  defect           |       Status:  new                  
 Priority:  blocker          |    Milestone:  MacRuby 0.4          
Component:  MacRuby          |   Resolution:                       
 Keywords:                   |  

Comment(by niall at pobox.com):


 I'm not sure installing gem dependancies one by one will even work.  Right
 now macgem crashes fetching the spec:

 [niall at Mac-Workstation MacRuby-trunk]$ sudo macgem search -r aws 2>&1 |
 [BUG] destination 0xbfffded4 isn't in the auto zone
 MacRuby version 0.4 (ruby 1.9.0 2008-06-03) [universal-darwin9.0]

 -- stack frame ------------

 That's from -trunk, let me know if you want the full stack trace attached?

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