[MacRuby-devel] Getting from (Ruby)Cocoa to MacRuby?

Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Sun Oct 26 00:27:40 PDT 2008

The notes in http://www.macruby.org/trac/wiki/MacRubyDifferences,
even if completed, would not serve as a "HowTo" for porting an app
from RubyCocoa to MacRuby.  If folks here will give me a hand, I'd
be happy to put together such a document.

On a related topic, I'm wondering about the possibility of porting
conventional (ie, ObjC) Cocoa apps _incrementally_ to MacRuby.  Is
there a way, for example, to:

  -  Turn an ObjC Cocoa app into a nominal MacRuby app, but leave
     all of the actual code on ObjC.

  -  Pick a class and method, comment out the ObjC code, and add
     a MacRuby version that performs the same job.

  -  See if things still work the same.

  -  Rinse, repeat...

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