[MacRuby-devel] Trac ticket 232

Jason Morrison jason.p.morrison at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 18:03:53 PDT 2009

Hi MacRuby,

I built MacRuby 0.4 from SVN on OSX 10.5.6 (x86) successfully, but
could not run the example applications.  I found
http://www.macruby.org/trac/ticket/232 and thought that perhaps I was
having the same issue, though I couldn't find any additional
discussion on that issue:

$ open ./ABPresence.app
LSOpenFromURLSpec() failed with error -10810 for the file

I eventually found out that the bundled executables were not chmodded
+x, and doing so fixed it:

$ pwd
$ ls
ABPresence.app/      CircleView.app/  EmbeddedMacRuby.app/
OutlineView.app/  PathDemo.app/                ViewModelDemo.app/
AnimatingViews.app/  DotView.app/     FlickrDemo.app/
PagePacker.app/   RoundTransparentWindow.app/
$ chmod u+x FlickrDemo.app/Contents/MacOS/FlickrDemo
$ open ./FlickrDemo.app # and off we go...

So, I signed up for Trac, went back to the ticket, with the intent of
commenting on it.  Alas!   I saw:

Trac detected an internal error: SubversionException: ('unable to open
database file', 200030)

So, this post to the mailing list is the best I can do, I think.  I
hope this helps someone!


Jason Morrison
jason.p.morrison at gmail.com
(585) 216-5657

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