[MacRuby-devel] Cocoa control to replace the GtkTable widget ?

Stéphane Wirtel stephane.wirtel at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 23:13:40 PDT 2009

In fact, I have to draw my screen dynamically.

I explain.

In OpenERP, we use the xml files to describe the layout of our views,  
with these xml files, we can create easily our screens.

For example: Here is the xml description of a screen

<form string="Blabla">
	<separator string="Description"  colspan="4" />
	<field name="name" />
	<field name="date" />
	<button name="" string="Click !" />

This xml description tells to the OpenERP client that it must create a  
new screen with the following design:

This screens contains a container widget (GktTable) with 4 columns
| Name: [                            ]  Date:  
[                            ] |
[Click !]                                                         |

The separator with the "Description" string takes 4 columns because  
there is the colspan attribute with 4 as value.
Each field takes two columns, one for the label of this field and the  
second for the text_field or any control (date_field, table_view,  
The "Click !" button takes one colum because there is no label for  
this widget.

So, for this screen, with the Gtk client, we had to create a GtkTable  
with 4 colums and 3 lines.

I am looking for the equivalent with Cocoa.

How can I create the equivalent ?


On 08 Apr 2009, at 23:48, Benjamin Stiglitz wrote:

>> Sorry, thank you for your help
> I’m not sure if I was able to help!
> When I asked “what are you trying to do,” I meant: “what does the UI  
> you are trying to create look like?” NSMatrix is only appropriate  
> for certain, very limited interfaces. Otherwise you’ll need to roll  
> your own, or play in IB.
> -Ben
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