[MacRuby-devel] Getting the "Embed MacRuby" target working

Alex Vollmer alex.vollmer at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 20:43:10 PDT 2009

I've been trying to get my Xcode project setup correctly with the  
"Embed MacRuby" target. I've made the two-line change as suggested in  
tutorial and, unless I execute the target, I'm unable to load any Ruby  
classes. So then I made the "Embed…" target a pre-requisite of my  
application build. However when attempting to build after a clean, it  
fails because I don't have the correct build directories in place. The  
only way I could get it to work seamlessly regardless of project state  
was to add a new script to my application build and copy the contents  
of the "Embed…" task into the new task. Is there a better way of doing  
this? I feel like I've missed something here.


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