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Tue Nov 10 09:09:19 PST 2009

#424: performance regression from ruby 1.8 and 1.9
 Reporter:  jordan.breeding@…        |       Owner:  lsansonetti@…        
     Type:  defect                   |      Status:  new                  
 Priority:  blocker                  |   Milestone:                       
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Comment(by jordan.breeding@…):

 Another example (I think this file is the worst case for my sample

 12 jordan at thetourist ...tificial Intelligence/Assignment No.
 1/priority_queue_bug > for LOOP in ruby ruby1.9 macruby; do eval time
 "${LOOP}" ./search.pqueue -m -c a-star input_files/input13_1.txt
 >/dev/null; done
 ruby ./search.pqueue -m -c a-star input_files/input13_1.txt  12.22s user
 0.19s system 99% cpu 12.513 total
 ruby1.9 ./search.pqueue -m -c a-star input_files/input13_1.txt  7.10s user
 0.13s system 99% cpu 7.251 total
 macruby ./search.pqueue -m -c a-star input_files/input13_1.txt  34.86s
 user 1.52s system 180% cpu 20.195 total

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