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#339: YAML error with UTF-16 string
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Comment(by jazzbox@…):

 $ macruby -e 'require "yaml"; puts "Rübe".to_yaml'
 --- "R\xFCbe"
 $ ruby1.9 -e 'require "yaml"; puts "Rübe".to_yaml'
 --- "R\xC3\xBCbe"

 seems to work now! Macruby escpapes to UTF-16 and Ruby1.9 escapes to
 UTF-8. I didn't find anything in YAML docs that describes that behaviour,
 both methods seem to be correct. But ruby 1.8 fails to load the UTF-16
 YAML. That is not astonishing because IMHO there is now way to guess what
 is the correct escaping mode.

 I think escaping is not necessary here because the encoding of input and
 output is the same. This can easly be tested by

 $ macruby -e 'require "yaml"; puts YAML::load "--- Rübe"'

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