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Tue Nov 24 21:41:22 PST 2009

#424: performance regression from ruby 1.8 and 1.9
 Reporter:  jordan.breeding@…        |       Owner:  lsansonetti@…        
     Type:  defect                   |      Status:  new                  
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Comment(by jordan.breeding@…):

 Well, I don't have any new deep insights, I need to run shark or dtrace on
 the new version later, but I am updating the archive attached to this bug,
 and upon creating a new completely ruby based version of a priority queue
 based on my Objective-C version I was able to improve the run times of
 everything except for MacRuby.

 The old pqueue.rb:
 /usr/bin/ruby ./search.pqueue.old.rb -c -m a-star
 input_files/input13_1.txt  19.01s user 0.21s system 99% cpu 19.338 total
 /opt/homebrew/bin/ruby ./search.pqueue.old.rb -c -m a-star   13.60s user
 0.15s system 99% cpu 13.779 total
 macruby ./search.pqueue.old.rb -c -m a-star input_files/input13_1.txt
 33.11s user 1.53s system 179% cpu 19.251 total

 The new pqueue.rb:
 /usr/bin/ruby ./search.pqueue.rb -c -m a-star input_files/input13_1.txt
 9.92s user 0.17s system 99% cpu 10.151 total
 /opt/homebrew/bin/ruby ./search.pqueue.rb -c -m a-star   6.38s user 0.12s
 system 99% cpu 6.552 total
 macruby ./search.pqueue.rb -c -m a-star input_files/input13_1.txt  32.25s
 user 1.11s system 142% cpu 23.348 total

 For comparison, the Objective-C based version:
 macruby ./search.cocoa.rb -c -m a-star input_files/input13_1.txt >
 /dev/null  28.56s user 1.45s system 179% cpu 16.679 total

 I don't think it is JIT overhead since a small sample still runs quickly
 in macruby, I was going to try AOT but the file from macrubyc gives me

 Small sample:
 macruby ./search.cocoa.rb -c -m a-star input_files/input3.txt > /dev/null
 1.00s user 0.08s system 107% cpu 1.002 total
 macruby ./search.cocoa.rb -c -m a-star input_files/input7.txt > /dev/null
 1.03s user 0.08s system 107% cpu 1.027 total

 error with compile:
 286 jordan at thetourist ~/priority_queue_bug > macrubyc -o search.cocoa
 287 jordan at thetourist ~/priority_queue_bug > ./search.cocoa
 core:in `dirname:': can't convert false into String (TypeError)

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