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#361: Embed MacRuby Target Adds 60+ MB to .app
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Comment(by dylan@…):

 I'm using trunk, so that explains the size discrepancy.

 How would I go about cutting the runtime size in half ?

 Two ideas related to the embedding:

 1.) Modify HotCocoa::ApplicationBuilder.deploy to take another argument,
 full deploy, which is false by default. If backwards compatibility is
 important here this could be changed to partial_deploy instead and default
 to the old behavior.


 2.) Add libmacruby.dylib to the project templates and use the standard
 copy framework build phase to deploy instead of the embed step

 There are two primary problems with embedding as it currently stands:

 1.) It picks up gems and probably shouldn't. The user should probably
 vendor any gems that should be included, explicitly.
 2.) It picks up both the libmacruby-static.a and libmacruby.1.9.0.dylib
 files, which is why the size is doubled. The extra .rb scripts are very
 small in comparison.

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