[MacRuby-devel] MacRuby 0.5 beta

Vincent Isambart vincent.isambart at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 01:24:21 PDT 2009

> Even better, maybe an LLVM package to go along with MacRuby, also linked to
> on the site?  Given that you need a very specific (e.g. recent, from trunk)
> version of LLVM for MacRuby to work at all, this seems pretty reasonable.

I think Laurent wants to include it directly in the next MacRuby installer.
Though I was just thinking we should be careful not to overwrite the
version of LLVM the user might have, putting our version in MacRuby's
directory, not at the place we MacRuby developers have it installed
currently (/usr/local).

>  If the instructions were "just go grab llvm 2.6" then I might feel
> differently.

At first I was thinking we might be able to use the final 2.6, but
it's in a pretty bad shape. We could not use LLVM 2.5 because of
problems regarding exception handling. And it looks like we won't be
able to use LLVM 2.6 because of... problems regarding exception

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