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#370: Inconsistency between macruby and ruby in a simple class
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Comment(by conradwt@…):

 Yes, there's seems to be an issue with the initialize method returning the
 instance to the caller.  However, you can rewrite the classes as follows
 and the initialize method seems to work as expected:


 W = Class.new do
    define_method :initialize do |w|
       @w = w

 M = Class.new do
    define_method :initialize do |m|
       @m = m

 printf("%s\n" , W.new(W.new(1)).inspect)
 printf("%s\n" , M.new(M.new(1)).inspect)
 printf("%s\n" , W.new(M.new(1)).inspect)
 printf("%s\n" , M.new(W.new(1)).inspect)


 Next, adding 'self' as the last executable statement within the
 'initialize' method provides a temporary workaround.  Finally, if I'm
 reading the code correctly, the function 'rb_class_new_instance0' within
 the 'object.c' file may be a starting point for resolving the issue.

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