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#376: The second 'pointer' of a double pointer type is ignored
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 The following code worked in 0.4
 framework 'Foundation'
 framework 'AudioToolbox'

 load_bridge_support_file '../BridgeSupport/MusicPlayer.bridgesupport'

 class MusicPlayer
   def initialize
     musicPlayer = Pointer.new_with_type '^{OpaqueMusicPlayer}'      # This
 should create a double pointer
     puts musicPlayer.type                                           # But
 it doesn't
     (result = NewMusicPlayer musicPlayer) == 0 or raise result.to_s
     @musicPlayer = musicPlayer[0]                                   #
 Causing problems here

 musicPlayer = MusicPlayer.new

 But it now generates the following error

 $ macruby x.rb
 x.rb:8:in `initialize': unrecognized runtime type `{OpaqueMusicPlayer}'
         from core:in `__new__:'
         from x.rb:1:in `<main>'

 The error is occuring during the attempt to dereference the double pointer
 at line 10 (despite the error message reporting line 8)

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