[MacRuby-devel] Running nanoc3 with MacRuby

B. Ohr jazzbox at 7zz.de
Thu Oct 15 09:33:33 PDT 2009


I got nanoc3 working with MacRuby (http://nanoc.stoneship.org/). It‘s  
a static site generator like webby (I think it is more powerful).

I haven't done much yet, just the basic things like create a site  
skeleton, replace a 'yield' in a layout page (does not work yet,  
ticket #386), and do some filtering with ERB.

Finally i wrote a MacRuby function, where I am parsing calendar events  
of my iCal (framework 'CalendarStore') to bring them on the website.  
This is the reason why I am running nanoc with MacRuby, because of the  
direct access to the Cocoa frameworks. It is working fine!

Next I will try to run other filters like Redcloth and Ultraviolet,  
and things like image- and pdf-processing (with the Cocoa framework) I  
will give a chance too.

Ah, there is one question remaining:

nanoc3 uses PStore, which is calling File#flock, which gives an  
unimplemented error in MacRuby. Does anybody know the state of  


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