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#378: Macruby 0.5 allows instantiation of a Module instance
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Comment(by keith.gautreaux@…):

 Replying to [comment:2 eloy.de.enige@…]:
 > Hey,
 > About writing specs, the rubyspec disallows the use of ‘should’. And it
 should be enough to verify that calling #new results in a NoMethodError,
 all the others should then fail as well. Also, if you want specify that an
 exception is raised, you should do so inside a proc. For instance: lambda
 { Fred.new }.should raise_error(NoMethodError). (For more info see the
 rubyspec wiki.)
 > However, the rubyspec is about specifying what actually _does_ work on
 MRI, not about what doesn't. For these cases we have the test_vm test
 suite. In fact there was already a failing test similar to this case.
 Nonetheless I've added an extra failing test, based on your example, in
 > Thanks.

 Thanks very much for the info.  I was unaware of the existing test or the
 rubyspec recommendations.  Sorry, I haven't written any rubyspecs before.
 I appreciate your time.

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