[MacRuby-devel] macgem with mixed-in ObjC

B. Ohr jazzbox at 7zz.de
Wed Oct 21 08:16:22 PDT 2009


what do you think about a macgem with mixed-in ObjC?

This could be useful for supporting native C libraries without using  
the MRI C interface, for calling parts of the OS X framework that is  
not Obj-C, for speed optimized code and so on.....

A macgem could also be delivered with a precompiled .rbo, so it can  
easily be installed on machines without the Developer tools installed.  
(I haven't yet tried to run macruby on such a machine ;-) )

BTW, I failed in building an .rbo bundle with a mixed-in ObjC part.

Pure Ruby like this

macrubyc --arch x86_64 -C "foo.rb" -o "output/foo.rbo"

is working, but I didn't find a way to include another .o file  
generated by gcc.


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