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Sun Oct 25 19:10:37 PDT 2009

On Oct 25, 2009, at 5:00 PM, Matt Aimonetti wrote:

> I'm back from vacation and wrote a very simple tutorial:
> MacRuby tips: create a Cocoa file/folder browser in a few lines of  
> code: http://bit.ly/1VuxBZ
> It looks like it's time for me to move my tutorials http://merbist.com/category/macruby/ 
>   to MacRuby's recipes.
> Anyone feels like contributing more examples/tutorials?
> - Matt
> _______________________________________________

This might be a bit OT, but I poked around github looking for a  
MacRuby version of Aaron Hillegass's RaiseMan and found DrNic's  
effort. I've gotten a bit further, so I put it out there as:


I'm a Cocoa n00b, so I decided that instead of the meatier "real"  
projects that I wanted to do, I would work doggedly through Aaron's  
examples in Objective-C and then do MacRuby ports as I went along.  
I've hit a few snags, but my goal is to have a completely functional  
RaiseMan in MacRuby by the end of the exercise, and perhaps to inject  
some idiomatic Rubyisms into the end product.

-- Steve
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