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B. Ohr jazzbox at 7zz.de
Thu Oct 29 09:46:42 PDT 2009

Hi Ruben!

> However I'm still curious about the daily non-Xcode scripts.
> Image I want to write a macruby script that uses my Objective-C  
> helper class. What's the easiest way to accomplish that outside XCode?
> Ruben

Like you I played around a little with this issue. My current state is:

If you have a MacRuby helper named foo.rb you can simply compile it  
like that

macrubyc -V --arch x86_64 -C "foo.rb" -o "foo.rbo"

This "foo.rbo" can be included in another script via require.

If you have an ObjC you can compile it with

gcc -c foo.m -o foo1.o -fobjc-gc

but I failed to convert that foo1.o to an .rbo file. I tried some  
macrubyc options but none of them is working.

On the other side making an .o out of a .rb is no problem:

macrubyc -V --arch x86_64 -c "foo.rb" -o "foo.o"

So I think, there is just one step missing in the options in macrubyc  
(or I am unable to read the source).

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