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#537: Missing Time#strftime formatter: "%P"
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 I use the command line [http://sup.rubyforge.org/ sup] email program which
 is written in ruby. While I don't run it under MacRuby, I was checking an
 issue which came up on the mailing list about the "%P" formatter for
 strftime and tested it in MacRuby too. The "%P" should output either "am"
 or "pm" in lower case.

 Apparently most (all?) 1.8.7 rubys on OS X, don't support the "%P"
 formatting, which is not required. Most linux 1.8.7 rubys do support it

 MacRuby also does not support it. However it is required for 1.9. The ruby
 docs for Time list it for example:

 Here's an example:
 $ macruby --version
 MacRuby version 0.5 (ruby 1.9.0) [universal-darwin10.0, x86_64]
 $ macruby -e 'puts Time.now().strftime("%l:%M%P")'

 That should output "11:25pm"

 I didn't check any of the other format strings.

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