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Sat Jan 2 05:32:51 PST 2010

#530: Net::SSH doesn't work with MacRuby
 Reporter:  sk8tr1981@…          |       Owner:  lsansonetti@…        
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Comment(by eloy.de.enige@…):

 > Any ideas what the next step should be? Also, how hard would it be to
 have MacRuby's dispatcher "work" similar to ruby's MRI, regarding #send?

 Unfortunately, the only thing you can do right now is to find all the
 bugs, check if the bugs don't occur on Ruby 1.9, and file a ticket. Then
 try to figure out if you can work round them in the meantime.

 In the end, MacRuby's dispatcher should definitely do the same as MRI's,
 but alas some other work currently has a higher priority than the
 ‘protected’ problem.


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