[MacRuby-devel] BridgeSupport question

Carlo Zottmann carlo at zottmann.org
Sat Jan 9 03:50:37 PST 2010

Hi list,

my name's Carlo Zottmann, I'm from Germany, and currently diving into
MacRuby. I've ran into some BridgeSupport troubles which are driving
me nuts when trying to access the Keychain, couldn't get it to work,
and now here I am. :)

I'm running MacRuby 0.5b2 on Snopard. Here's what's happening for me.

I did a `gen_bridge_metadata -f Security -o
~/Library/BridgeSupport/Security.bridgesupport`. No problems there.
But in IRB I run into some issues: I do a

    load_bridge_support_file "Security.bridgesupport"

which returns "main" (which I suppose is okay), yet trying to access
`SecKeychainAddGenericPassword` etc., I end up with a "NameError:
uninitialized constant SecKeychainAddGenericPassword". Trying to do

    framework "Security"
    load_bridge_support_file …

in the same IRB session dumps me to the shell with "malloc: … pointer
being freed was not allocated" message.

Any help you guys could give me would be highly appreciated! I'm
completely stumped at this point.

Many thanks in advance, kind regards,

Carlo Zottmann
Munich, Germany.  --  http://carlo.zottmann.org

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