[MacRuby-devel] Cocoa Binding to NSArrayController

steve ross cwdinfo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 10:33:37 PST 2010

On Jan 11, 2010, at 11:13 AM, isaac kearse wrote:
> Looks like you're bypassing the to_i conversion of @number by calling instance_variable_set directly, but I'd guess that the problem is somewhere else in the app.
> Any chance you could put the whole thing up on github?
> Cheers,
> Isaac

I put together an Objective-C version of this same thing and checked it into the github project for comparison. It works. I'm sure there's something different in how I'm using it, but I can't see what. The project is at:

git at github.com:sxross/MacRuby-Array-Cocoa-Array-Binding.git

That's both MacRuby and Objective-C. Any pointers to my blind spot are appreciated :)


> On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 6:41 AM, steve ross <cwdinfo at gmail.com> wrote:
> I wrote a simple controller that binds to an NSTableView. In the tableview, a column has an NSNumberFormatter (in IB), but the column is what's bound. It's bound to LightboxController.managedObjects:number. The managedObjects collection contains a collection of Lightbox objects, that have a number (Fixnum, when examined) and a title (string). The title displays fine, but the number always displays as 1. Changing the number field to a string and removing the NSNumberFormatter produces the correct display, but of course, the sort order is string ordering rather than numeric.
> Here is the code. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here?
> https://gist.github.com/5d490492a814eccd26b2
> Thx,
> Steve

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