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#555: Redefinition of method gives unexpected behavior
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 When I run following test program with Ruby 1.9.1/1.8.7 and MacRuby 0.5b2
 I get an unexpected result:

 class TestClass
   def initialize; @a_var = "content"; end

 a = TestClass.new; puts "a: %s" % a.inspect

 class TestClass
   def initialize(k); @a_var = k; end

 b = TestClass.new "valueGiven"; puts "b: %s" % b.inspect

 c = TestClass.new; puts "c: %s" % c.inspect

 results in Ruby 1.9.1/1.8.7 with the expected behavior:

 a: #<TestClass:0x100155d50 @a_var="content">
 b: #<TestClass:0x100155b20 @a_var="valueGiven">
 initTest.rb:13:in `initialize': wrong number of arguments (0 for 1)
         from initTest.rb:13:in `new'
         from initTest.rb:13

 In MacRuby I get following output:

 a: ##-<TestClass:0x200020b60 @a_var="content">
 b: ##-<TestClass:0x2000213e0 @a_var="valueGiven">
 c: ##-<TestClass:0x200021820 @a_var="content">

 It seems that {{{#initialize}}} (without arguments) is still floating

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