[MacRuby-devel] OpenGL/GLUT Bridgesupport

Julien Jassaud sojastar07 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 06:34:31 PST 2010


> I'm trying to teach myself openGL using the superbible and other web resources. To keep things simple I wanted to build the superbible examples in MacRuby - this should give me an easy to use platform for just trying to get my mind around the openGL paradigms.

Same here.

> My current thinking is to build a simple template project in MacRuby that uses a NSOpenGlView rather than GLUT. I would add boilerplate to provide animation, keyboard and mouse support (I'm thinking of using the Sojaster port of the Apple Cocoa OpenGL example as a basis).

Haha ! But I am Sojastar !So I think I can help you there. To get the template you want, it would be easier to start with the MacRuby-OpenGL-Fullscreen example. It has everything you want, animation callback and event loop, and adds fullscreen support. It is also much simpler than MacRuby-Cocoa-OpenGL. I can quickly make the template and push it to github if you prefer.

> I'd be happy to share or work jointly on these efforts with anyone who has a similar need. It would be useful if there is a web site we could use to document such work and share code. Any ideas?

We could use the wiki page for the MacRuby OpenGL sample code. I am quite new to this github thing, so I don't know if others than me can edit the pages. They call it social coding, so I imagine it is possible. If that sounds like a valid plan to you, I'll look into it.


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