[MacRuby-devel] MacRuby on the iPhone

Vincent Isambart vincent.isambart at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 00:38:49 PST 2010


> I've managed to produce an armv6 build of Boehm and an armv6 build of the macruby libraries. I've also talked macrubyc into spitting out ARM executable code (by just tweaking the LLVM target). Anyway, I figured before I went much further I'd express my intent and make sure I haven't duplicated too much of anyone else's work.

I don't think you're duplicating anyone's work. You're not the first
to think about it but you're the first I heard of who went this far.
And no one in the core team has time to work on an iPhone version,
we're too busy fixing bugs and working on new features.

> Does anything I'm suggesting sound totally crazy?

Yes it sounds crazy but we like crazy ;-). And I'm sure lots of people
would love having MacRuby working on the iPhone.

If you have a question about the internals don't hesitate to ask here.
And don't hesitate to send patches!

Keep up the good work.

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