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#578: Garbage Collector in 0.6
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Comment(by jsn@…):

 I've been debugging on this all day now, so here's a quick status update
 in case some bright mind goes "AHA" and fixes it :-)

 It seems the GC is running just fine, but macruby holds on to way more
 data than it needs to.
 In the above example, the IO layer will :

 *) Cache the entire file in the first call to io_read, regardless of
 *) allocate (filesize / READ_BUFFER_SIZE) * ByteString objects.[[BR]]
 Effectively doubling the amount of RAM needed to read a file.

 All of the above objects live on long after the block has ended, and the
 file has been closed.

 I've had a little bit of success adding the following code to the end of
 io_close, which is basically just a brute force attempt at getting the GC
 to do something to the cached data.
         CFDataSetLength(io_struct->buf, 0);
         io_struct->buf = NULL;
         io_struct->buf_offset = 0;

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