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François Boone francois.boone at usherbrooke.ca
Wed Dec 21 18:33:12 PST 2011

Le 2011-12-21 à 15:17, Joshua Ballanco a écrit :

> 2011/12/20 François Boone <francois.boone at usherbrooke.ca>
> Hi,
> I have written a function with 461 queries in a MySQL database.
> With macirb, it takes more or less 1s for all queries.
> I put my file in a Xcode project and when I click on a button, the action is to run this function.
> However, it takes more or less 1s for EACH query!
> I use normal schedule, not deployment as explained in the definitive guide,
> (I don't want give the exact title to not make advertisement  in a post lol )
> What's wrong?
> Hi François,
> Can you give a bit more context, perhaps? In macirb, are you loading a file with the function or entering it at the prompt? In Xcode, do the queries result from a pure ruby file, or are you doing a ruby call from Obj-C? What libraries/gems are you using to connect to MySQL? Is there an 'eval' call involved in making the queries?
> To be honest, things should be much faster from Xcode, since macruby_deploy will compile all of your ruby sources to .rbo files. The exception would be if your code contains copious use of "eval". It is also possible that you have stumbled on a perf bug (the best kind of bug, IMHO), in which case it would be great if you could reduce the code down to something minimal that other devs could run locally.
> Cheers,
> Josh
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Hi Josh,

In macirb, I use:
load "actionAffiche.rb"
461 queries, real time: 11.578257s

In Xcode: 
I use rubygems and mysql macgems
I have one Button and one table with two columns: when I press the button, the function actionAffiche is running. I think that it's a complete minimal example.
461 queries, real time: 64.244236s
Apart MainMenu.xib, all my code is in AppDelegate.rb. I put this file at the end of this mail (Is there a better way?) 

I don't have control on mysql tables since they come from another software.

I am a novice, then you can criticize my code :)


#  AppDelegate.rb
#  ecm: exemple complet minimal
#  Created by Boone François on 11-12-21.
#  Copyright 2011 Boone François. All rights reserved.

require 'rubygems'
require 'mysql'

$data = []

class AppDelegate
    attr_accessor :window
    def applicationDidFinishLaunching(a_notification)
        # Insert code here to initialize your application

class CtrButton
    attr_writer :individu
    def awakeFromNib
        @individu.dataSource = self
        $ref_individu = @individu
    def affiche(sender)
    def numberOfRowsInTableView(individu)
    def tableView(individu, objectValueForTableColumn:column, row:index)
        item = $data[index]
        case column.identifier
            when 'iden'
            when 'name'

class Person
    attr_accessor :iden, :name

def actionAffiche
    t1 = Time.now
    # Connexion au serveur MySQL 
        dbh = Mysql.real_connect("localhost", "root", "", "Boone") 
        ## Récupération de la version du serveur et affichage
        puts "Version du serveur: " + dbh.get_server_info
        rescue Mysql::Error => e 
        puts "Code d'erreur : #{e.errno}" 
        puts "Message d'erreur : #{e.error}" 
        puts "SQLSTATE d'erreur : #{e.sqlstate}" if e.respond_to?("sqlstate")
        dbh.query("SET NAMES utf8")
    # Requête pour le nom de famille
    dbh.query("SET NAMES utf8")
    requete = "SELECT handle,surname FROM surname ORDER BY surname"
    reponse = dbh.query(requete)
    num_max = reponse.num_rows
    num = 1
    # Pour chaque nom de famille, on cherche le prenom
    reponse.each_hash do |lastname|
        puts "Individu " + num.to_s + " sur " + num_max.to_s
        individu = Person.new
        individu.iden = lastname["handle"]
        individu.name = lastname["surname"]
        # pour chaque nom, recherche du prenom à partir du handle.
        requete2 = "SELECT first_name,xcall FROM name WHERE handle ='" + lastname["handle"] + "'"
        reponse2 = dbh.query(requete2)
        reponse2.each_hash do |firstname|
            individu.name = individu.name + ", " + firstname["first_name"] 
            if firstname["xcall"] != ""
                individu.name = individu.name + " (" + firstname["xcall"] + ")"

        num += 1
    # On ferme le lien mySQL
    t2 = Time.now
    puts (t2-t1)
    # Mise à jour de l'interface

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