[MacRuby-devel] 0.10 - update

Laurent Sansonetti lsansonetti at apple.com
Wed Mar 23 16:33:54 PDT 2011

Here are the release notes.


- Support for the new MacBook Pro hardware (SandyBridge processors).
- Fixes in macruby_deploy for App Store submissions.
- Xcode4 support.
- Minor stability fixes.


- Fixed a bug where we would crash when protecting an internal call during an exception raise.
- Fixed a bug in the BridgeSupport parser when loading IOKit, which contains very large structures. 
- Fixed a bug in IO#try_convert to properly raise a TypeError exception when passed a wrong object.
- Fixed a regexp bug in the URI library to avoid a backtrace explosion.
- Fixed a bug in String#+ where non-string objects could be concatenated.
- Fixed a bug when break expressions inside hash iterations wouldn't be taken into account.
- Fixed a bug in Array#fill(start, length) where passing a huge length would cause a crash.
- Fixed various minor CRuby conformance bugs in Array.
- Implemented the Hash#{keep_if, select!} methods.
- Implemented the Set#{keep_if, select!} methods.
- Fixed a bug in the ostruct library where regexp global variables would be overriden.
- Fixed a bug in macruby_deploy when passing --embed, to change the libmacruby dyld identification name, to conform to App Store submission rules.
- Fixed a bug in macruby_deploy when using --gem on gems containing a space character in their paths would break the deployment.
- Fixed a race condition crash in Thread#kill.
- Fixed a bug when compiling recursive method calls when methods actually re-define themselves on the fly (this fixes the mustache library).
- Moved to LLVM 2.9.
- Fixed a bug where converting a NULL pointer as an opaque type value to Ruby would not give nil (as in RubyCocoa).
- Fixed a bug in Hash#[]= to not duplicate a String key that is already frozen.


#1184 	Bus Error occurs since r5265.
#1186 	macirb segfaults when trying to tab complete an NSURL object
#1166 	Segfaults occurs when was passed NULL pointer into rb_protect's 3rd argument.
#794 	`pthread_mutex_unlock(&t->sleep_mutex)' failed: Invalid argument (22)
#734 	Mustache fails on call to render.
#1177 	Hash.each doesn't exit on embedded return
#1171 	`macruby_deploy --gem` problem with directories that have a space
#1179 	OpenStruct overwrites regex globals - seriously breaks Rack/Sinatra
#1178 	Mac App Store reviewers rejecting MacRuby app's due to library name
#1185 	LLVM error running 1.9 distribution on Sandy Bridge
#1191 	Assertion failed with define_method.
#1194 	launch_msg(LAUNCH_KEY_CHECKIN) doesn't return nil when run outside of a daemon/agent


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