[MacRuby-devel] MiniTest and TestUnit implementations

anoiaque anoiaque at gmail.com
Wed May 4 05:08:01 PDT 2011


Why both minitest and testunit modules are so tied to output in the code ...
Why is there no class/instance method with which i can get result as an object (~ Minitest::Unit.run(<test_file, or class test file ..>) => <TestResult @errors = ... @failures= ...>)

Why must i hack theses modules(even if its quite easy with ruby) to get result as an object i can work with , that is get (with Testunit) :
<Test::Unit::TestResult:0x10109a1a8 @assertion_count=13, @errors=[], @run_count=9, @channels={"CHANGED"=>{}, "FAULT"=>{}}, @failures=[]>

Can you imagine , like it's done in ZenTest i gonna parse output with regexp to get it ... :(

I've digged the source code (both minitest and testunit), but if i'm wrong and this way exists without hacking, tell me it ..


anoiaque at gmail.com

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