[MacRuby-devel] Scripting Bridge

Spencer Rose dspencerr at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 09:42:07 PDT 2011

Hey Matt,

Thanks for the response.  I had already read and done the tutorial there.  
It was very helpful.

The problem is not so much the weakness of Scripting Bridge, it is the 
difficulty in knowing all of the method calls and their syntax available 
from InDesign.

Following an earlier thread in here i used "myIndesign.methods(true,true)" 
and now have a list of methods, but that list is completely devoid of really 
import actions like "open" & "export" and the documentation in the Scripting 
Dictionary for InDesign which I have been using for Javascript & Apple Script 
does not translate straight across.  The code I used to start experimenting
with speaking directly to the InDesign DOM and getting its info was as follows:
        @id = SBApplication.applicationWithBundleIdentifier('com.adobe.indesign')
        doc = @id.activeDocument
        pgph = doc.allParagraphStyles
        pgph.each do |style|
           puts "#{style.name}" 
           puts style.appliedFont

I get the name of the Paragraph Style, but the appliedFont just prints an 

This is a really small example, but is the basis for my work because I will need 
to get font names, styles, kerning, margins, the text of stories and coordinates 
of text boxes and a lot more  information.  My current project requires a JPEG 
export and an IDML (InDesign's package XML for 3rd parties) export and I 
cannot get the Dictionary standard "exports" to work.  I really like macRuby and 
have totally jumped on it. Your book is awesome and has helped a ton.   
But I worry that it is not sufficiently evolved for me to use it
on a project needing this level of control and access to InDesign

Thanks in advance, Spencer  

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